Today’s ToDo’s: Bullet Proof Formula for Zen-ness

The back-story to this post is that I was journalling ways to deal with my frequent bouts of ‘frantic’ energy. You know what I mean…getting on your horse and riding off in all directions. Here’s what I journalled for myself. Perhaps it will resonate with you too….deep breath!

Question: How do I maintain momentum in a sustainable way?

  1. Pace the activity:- go slower and leave more space in-between individual actions. Breathe more whilst you do this.

  2. Allow gaps in time to extend:- like doing mini-meditations, suspend the mind and merely focus on the breath. Sit still and  allow a stare to happen into space or onto a point or object. How far out can you get? Play with your stare. What’s behind it?

  3. Channel the tension:- don’t try to change it or escape it. Observe and imagine where it might go instead. Sit with it and feel it’s texture or find it’s colour.

  4. Imagine and decide:- make decisions on where you want that tension to go. Ask yourself what part of our life would benefit from more tension? NB: Remember without ‘optimal’ tension, a bridge would be useless. Imagine where that bridge might be for you?

  5. Find your treasure:- finding something shiny and sparkly in the dirt should excite you. If we can find those things, and recognise when we are finding them let us not overlook the experience. Hold onto the sparkle with conscious intent for a few moments and take on board it’s vibration. Absorb it’s frequency and get a little higher.

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