The Less of Art

Art is about SYNTHESIS.

It is about channeling lots of things into a SINGULARITY.

The singularity is what art is.

Ergo, making art is a form of simplification.

Making art is a practice of reductionism or in other words it’s a distillation of many many factors, and endless choices. It is the essence of choosing and refusing.


In essence it is a type of cooking! Ingredients x time x heat = food.

They say “A picture paints a thousand words”. What if we only need to say ten? Well that’s the art of minimalism, but those words are chosen carefully and there are many that didn’t make it into the sentence.

Yoda was a minimalist. There was no frou-frou and he always structured his words wisely.

Clearly art is a form of communication. I’d say it was also a form of communion. Yees, I was brought up a catholic but, I like to think of the spirit, not the religion of things like that.

Communion is about sharing, deeply of the spirit of…well…love. What else is worth sharing?

So we can say a lot with art; art condenses a lot of words.


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