From The Heart…In A Pinch

If I were to write
straight from the heart
right now
with no editing
what would I say?

I would say that I am sad
for I feel lonely
we had another fight
and it was stupid.

I would say that I am jealous
I saw your work
on the internet today
and I judged myself to be

I would say that I am on fire
I have lost the will to care too much
about what other’s think
including you;
and there is incredible freedom
in that.

I would say that I am in love
again, with my own desire
to disrupt everything
again, and start over
and carry on.

I would say that I say too much
and it is never enough
to get through
but it is enough
to be heard.

1st April 2016

Confusion: you are my middle name but they forgot to put it on my birth certificate…

I sit alone in my room, breaking my own rule of having no technology at bedtime. I feel like I’ve just seen a ghost.

The artist I want to be is living down the road from me. It must be my luck again. The disruption is everywhere.

Stress; I eat you for breakfast with my chocolate smoothie.

Conflict; I wear you round my neck like a noose and call it a scarf.

Change; you are my DNA blueprint and you are on my lips always breeding like bacteria.

I kiss you. YOu change.

P T A R T . W O R K S

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