Bonjour mes amis…

she holds her hands up to the sky blue patterned alien friend
“Blue Friend” mixed media on board Copyright © Phoebe Thomasson 2014

Just a little note to tell you that I am filling up my pages with my artwork if you want to come and take a look…oh, it’s all going on here!

I’ve taken up a life coaching course and now I can’t stop working because my vision has exploded…funny that; why does it take someone else to give us permission to be the person we want to be? What went wrong with school eh?…yeah, don’t all answer at once…my boy is not going to school because I want him to believe in himself when he grows up…and all the time in-between…

Anyway, I think you should probably come in…it’s time….


Living Joyfully with unschooling

What is unschooling? Well I’m going to let an expert tell you, but I do have a post on the way from my own experience as an ‘unschooling newbie’.

In the meantime you can learn more from Pam Laricchia (the expert) about an un-schooled life with your children here.