PROJECT: One Hundred Paintings

Premise: to create a large series of work based upon the themes of…

  • Evolution
  • Mark Making
  • Meditation
  • Relationship
  • Relativity

Each painting will represent a ‘day’ in my life as an artist. The day is not twenty-four hours but is mine to define.

I will post each piece with a diary recording related notes that arise in the time period represented by the painting.

Each painting will contain the same elements plus one. This will be explanatory when the series is under-way and displayed chronologically.

name zen yellow bright bold black line encompasses a bright lemon yellow centre the epitomy of simplicity and bold minimalism gives you space to think and uplifting colour representing the inner sunshine healthy ego self acrylic on canvas by uk artist phoebe thomasson
Day 1: The story of “Zen Yellow”


Spirit of Nature by Phoebe Thomasson

Seeing things for the first time

It’s as if we cannot see as soon as we want. Like newborns we must learn to focus, it’s not automatic. This creates much frustration for me creatively but mindful attention brings me home to myself and the remembrance that baby steps apply all the way along the path; especially when it’s all so new. When we can see straight then it’s good to stride on.

a red woman with a buddha belly sits on a chair. mixed media collage by phoebe thomasson

Art Gallery: Pregnant Alice

This was done for my friend Alice when she was pregnant. It wasn’t what she was expecting but I was wild and free in my Picasso phase and in love with mixed media collage and strong primary colours.

There is something really satisfying about sticking fabric onto canvas; it almost feels rebellious, but then that’s me in a nut-shell. Make rules? Break rules. If the artist cannot be free then what hope is there for the common man?

We (artists) should be arbiters of change, risk and the unconventional…

Too many stultifying rules can kill our creative spirit. This is the gift of children, child-rearing and child-bearing; it’s such an onslaught of new paradigms that we either gird our loins and learn afresh who we are and what we are capable of, or we sink miserably into depression….the good news is that even if we do sink in the beginning of any endeavor, we can always access the strength of the mother goddess (or father god) within and pull ourselves up by our boot straps.

Life affirms life, as long as we don’t give in to the ennui of despair. Anyone can feel it, our circumstances matter little. It’s our habitual outlook that must be changed. Little by little, like the growing fetus, we can add new cells every day to our growth into the person we want to be.

Are you growing?

And are you ready to be born yet?


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It’s hard to write an about page. Some say we should tell our story, but mine is too complex for one page…it’s a book so I’ve stated what I am about in the present time, my motivation so to speak. This is my vision, if that isn’t who I am, then I am history.


My art gallery is now live and raring to go!!!

Spirit of Nature by Phoebe Thomasson

My new art gallery is now live. There is much space to fill yet as I have a tonne of work still to log but I hope you will find a moment to enjoy the visual feast and follow me for more on the way. If you want inspiration then come see if you can get it from me!

Phoebe Thomasson Art Gallery 2014