Birthday Shoes

I’m learning about barefoot running, not that I’m fit to run yet but I’m training my feet up by taking off my shoes and socks around the house; I know it sounds simple but really it’s harder than my programmed mind would credit as it’s been about a week and the shoes have found their way back on, but at least the socks have remained thin, therefore allowing my feet to feel the temperature of the floor. It’s very liberating actually and there are many writers out there now who could tell you why but I think the best description is that I’ve taken the blindfolds off my feet! Feeling the wet on the kitchen floor (one of my pet hates) and the squidgy bits of food that my son has thrown, should I step on it, the rough tarmac on the drive; all things that are bringing a sense of being in touch with my environment that is amazingly profound. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
Don’t be scared, and don’t listen to the old wives tales…get your free birthday shoes on and start tuning into your environment today!