Loss and Renewal: The Universal Reward For Growth!

Chaos Rules Those Who Are Sleeping…

Well things have been really topsy turvy here for a while. That, my friends is a major understatement. I can’t tell you everything, but the chaos had been simply ubiquitous.

For starters, we’ve got the decorator in at the moment, giving the hallway a fresh lick of paint and new cupboards for hiding the accumulated flotsam and jetsam of life, which of course meant housing everything somewhere else in the house; the home improver’s nightmare!

Oh, and did I mention we already have a small four year old chaos producer living here full time…yeah, more on that in a minute.

Luckily, it’s now beginning to look great, with beautifully clean Indian white walls and subtle earthy greens and stone, it’s actually looking quite sleek. Which is great because the fresh paint will only add to the ambience of my up coming exhibition for Dorset Arts Week.

All are welcome!

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But in the mean time coats, hats, scarves, tables, ornaments and toys have been littering my studio so I’ve been going slightly mad for the lack of creative work…

And as if that were’t enough to deal with for now…

The Bad News….

Meanwhile my four year old has managed to wipe my computer hard drive, losing me six months of work.

Sadly some of which is probably gone forever…video’s, photos and digital work….ughh! NO!!! I pleaded….this can’t be happening….but happen it did.

I must admit, I cried. I couldn’t believe it. All gone in a second. Why oh why didn’t we back up the system? I asked over and over….

I know why.

Head in the clouds…or head in the sand, one or the other!

What can I say?

I went into a bit of a rage and decided I would have nothing more to do with technology; after all it’s all time wasting garbage isn’t it!? Ha! (Clearly, it depends on where you are looking!)

But in reality can we really do without it in this day and age? Well, frankly, no. Not once you’ve tasted it’s fruits anyway and I need it for, well, this…and my art, and getting it out into the world.

I had to find another way to process this…

Art to the rescue. As ever, I thought.

The Art of Letting Go….

Sometimes Art teaches you how to let go. A lot of what I’ve learned in life is to do with letting go, and when that happens life gets interesting.

After the agony of loss, we can usually find a renewed respect for what we do have. This is usually a wake up call from the universe that tells us we really do have many blessings, and we’ve been sleep walking all along.

The Good News….

Since then, I’ve been out walking and running every day. In every weather.

I have quit smoking weed as an anti-depressant (I feel I can tell you this!) and ditched the need for therapy (and the recommended pills which I would not take).

I’ve started drinking shed loads of water which is working it’s magic, as well as cutting right down on salt (so I can grow some muscles).

I have tapped into my feel good energy and my natural high, which after four years of ME/CFS and depression is about the best news ever.

Disaster is the mother of Determination

I reckon, when I do get back to work, which is any day now, you had better watch out.

This is going to be high octane.

I’m taking no prisoners.


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