Break in the line…

Ever had one of those weeks when you just feel like you’ve fallen off your own tracks?

Of course you have. That’s precisely why I’ve not been in cyber-space long enough to record my thoughts or even been near a computer to be honest. Now I understand that all good bloggers should be in there every day giving their thought stream to the thirsty world but to be honest I’ve been going through weaning purgatory and some things have just had to take a back seat. Early nights, like 10pm, have been the only way through as I mourn the loss of my milky, womanly, nurturing boobs and the pleasure/pain nipple bond with my LO who is now walking. Sob sob, hooray hooray! It’s been a mixed up time.

I stupidly went into the local M&S to search for a new bra to fit my now back to normal boobs. No change there then, what a waste of time! Not even enough fat to fill an A cup…it’s a sorry sight, but others, I know, envy my miniscule bra top boobs and I’m just going to forget the whole thing and go back to eating as much as I can to keep the weight on; see I told you it wasn’t all bad! didn’t I?

LO is striding confidently across the living room now and making ear piercing shrill remarks, obviously delighted at this new vista on life and showing off his foot sure prowess. A little gathering on Saturday for his birthday was interesting and exhausting and I’m still working on the tomato stains on the carpet…bless them!

Well a year ago I was totally bed bound after a traumatic operation to remove the placenta which didn’t want to budge and some stitching to a torn perinium. I was in a post birth bubble/drug induced haze but even then, the wonder at our little mewling bundle was profound and blotted out anything other than the bare necessities. If only I could reach that place of heightened attention to what really matters without all the pushing, panting and having to give birth? That was surely one of the most liberating and naturally minimalistic experiences of my life. There really are some fantastic lessons in there.

Hope you have a nice week.