Enter Into A Win Win: The Dual of Opposites

I can choose
How to live
One choice at a time
The possibilities are
As endless as my Imagination.

Without it
I perish in a lose lose
With my own mind
Seeing me in limited terms
AKA the training of the world.

Expand beyond this limit
Smack down the walls
Which are largely invisible
Don’t need to bruise your knuckles
But you may have to sidestep yourself
Or even to escape over barbed wire
To your freedom
That was always your destiny.

Live life in battle with yourself
And forget the others
But remember them in your kind thoughts
That is the only remedy for entropy.

Be your own politic
Be your own leader
Be your own immigrant
And let yourself into
Your own life
Now and forever
Seek joy first
And love like a river.

Inspired by the words of Tai Lopez