if pain wont stop me then what will

The Ideal Doctor: The Diagnosis You Wish You Had

Dear Doc,

I’ve been having some concerns about my health recently. I ache all over, I get sad and I can’t stop thinking about work and how to do everything better.

I feel so different; I don’t feel like I fit in with the world. I have dreams and strange thoughts. Can you help me? I am afraid.




Dear Phoebe,

With regards to your concerns I am going to tell you categorically, not to worry. All your symptoms are part of your healing from the past and overcoming limitation.
Your body aches because you are using it like never before. You are so inspired that you are working longer hours because you are doing work that you enjoy for the first time in your life. So I would say that the sad feelings come as a result of tiredness and grieving for all the years of unhappiness.

This is cause for celebration indeed and I shouldn’t worry about the work thing…it means simply that you are on the road to mastery of your life and your life’s work is to put everything together in a way that totally suits you. No one else can do what you do, so of course you are aware that what you do is important because it is coming from the heart.

As for feeling different, good. That means you’ve expanded beyond your limitations and your ego is looking for things to cling to. You are so far ahead of where you’ve ever been before that you no longer feel solid ground beneath your feet.
By Jove I think you are flying.

Well done. See you in another six months.
You are in excellent health.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Ideal Inner Doctor

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How to Sleep Better; Yes! Much Better!

I became interested in my sleep patterns and how to correct them during my recovery from ME/CFS.

I figured that better sleep was key to my recovery.

Being an insomniac, sometimes painting into the night and waking up at stupid times of the morning I had programmed myself for failure.

The essay below is the theory behind the practices which are provided at the end in PDF form for you to print and takeaway.

Today I enjoy a wonderful sleep and have a real evening, with time for myself and my partner to catch up, and whatever!

I no longer work into the wee small hours and therefore my life feels more structured and light, as opposed to chaotic and dark!

Messy, Messy, Messed up…

Well I’ve royally messed myself up today! I’ve eaten a load of ‘banned’ foods in the space of 24 hours and am now in an immense amount of pain.

I’ve been following the AutoImmune Protocol (AIP) for months now with amazing results. On a well behaved day now I am totally pain free.

I had years of undiagnosed pelvic/abdominal pain that led me to various therapies and dietary protocols, but none have worked like the AIP.

I went Primal/Paleo about a year ago and it was pretty much an instantaneous transformation.

Now I know the inflammatory properties of grains, legumes, vegetable oils and STRESS…all of which I regularly indulged in thinking they were part of a healthy diet and at least something I could do nothing about.

So going Paleo was the first enlightened step for me, giving me the energy to start my healing from ME/CFS. The next part which was the home run was going AIP.

The AutoImmune Protocol is hardcore. There’s no doubt about it. On top of cutting out all the above foods I quit nuts, seeds, pasteurized dairy, cheese and eggs.

Miraculously the rest of the gut inflammation cleared up in a matter of days. 

I started in earnest on the fermented foods; instead of snacking I would have glass after glass of Kefir, and after tea a glass of Kombucha.

These fermented beverages have been my saviours because they are not only very healing to the gut lining, providing much needed friendly cultures, but they are robust enough, taste wise to kill my cravings for naughty carbs.

In a nutshell, I just binged on what I know re-ignites the inflammatory response. Seeds, nuts, grain crackers, cheese…ooops!

My question remains, as I roll through one more episode…

Why do we sabotage ourselves?

But that’s another post for another day!

I hope you are thriving!

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Here it is again….Low Pressure: A Poem “Black Dog and The Widow”

This pain, not physical so no one can see
it’s why I wear a glum face for lunch
depression my guest today
welcome in I say
I feel I have no choice
but to let her in and have her way
the black dog
comes and throws up
over the carpet
barking at me the details
of how sad my life is
no recourse to the facts
are they the real reality anyway?
I cannot tell
the black dog is large
and taking up all my attention
I am angry but feel powerless
drained of vitality
it only took thirty minutes to arrive
destination overcast
when outside the sun beats
spring cool breeze coiling
I should feel happy
shouldn’t I?
the black dog looks up
her owner I spy in the corner
she’s dressed in black
perennial widow of the world
she’s the voice and persona
of scornful mourning
beyond reasoning
she laughs and agrees
yes your world is so sad
so sad you shall be.
No! I think
I run to the computer
my thoughts ordered by print
it’s logic that I need
she leaves sashaying
whistle between teeth
black dog follows
leaving a small pile of hair
on the sofa.
Gone, for now
she’ll be back
with black
am I prepared?

P. Thomasson
11th April 2015

Art & Healing Video: Brief Introduction by Phoebe

Hello! It’s time to meet you and give you an idea from whence I come, what I am about and what I want to cover in my Art & Healing video diaries. I can’t promise any regularity but there will be more videos along the way as I can find little windows; as you may know, I’m a busy mum recovering from ME/CFS…so hang with me a minute and see how I am healing my world.

“Healing is deeply needed in the world right now, and art is an extremely powerful way to make that happen; it’s very enjoyable, and anyone can do it!”

Phoebe Thomasson

Watch time: 4.52

image of a mans face with slightly deranged eyes title fragile brain pen and ink sketch with words by uk contemporary artist phoebe thomasson

It may be Hellish, but at least I’m here!

Recovery isn’t all about getting better. It’s also about adjusting, changing, accepting and releasing. We can need multiple processes to happen before we start to feel better in the way we desire to.

Just to give you an idea how this applies in the real world here is an insight into my current little drama.

Somehow, due to numerous factors I’ve manage to put my back out good and proper. I’ve been to the chiropractor and there is a loosening in process. I think in terms of blocked energy because after years of practical healing and recovery from multiple things, I now know it counts, and is real. Think life force/prana/chi or whatever vibes with you.

OK. So I identified my little psychological process that has been activated into my awareness. Here it is and goes something like this.

  • long term illness means you are cut off from previous modes of functioning.
  • we adjust our world accordingly and create our own alternatives.
  • life becomes a reflection of our ‘own little world’.
  • we recover! yay!
  • we come up against the need to ‘re-enter’ the rest of the world or the ‘real’ version of it.
  • we resist because we quite like it here.
  • we know this world and have lost the ability to be anything else so why not just stay?
  • we create something else to distract us from the growth process.
  • more pain!
  • yay! pain works a treat…it’s a different part of the body which is quite a change, I think I can continue to be dysfunctional after all!
  • Wait a minute! did I just say that?
  • Goddam it…I’m going to beat this things too!
  • And so we strive….

Onward we go and heal the next malady. But did we stop to consider why we create all this hassle? Here’s one perspective, for when you are into having a philosophical musing…

I believe illness teaches us more about compassion, resilience, tenacity, honesty, strength, weakness, reaching out, friends, loved ones, family, challenges, love, life and humanity than being a super-I-never-get-sick kind of guy ever will.

My dad was one of those and within a year he was dead with Cancer.

I’m ok with my bad back thanks…at least I’m alive.


Sort your back out for free! Some effort required!

If you’ve found yourself in front of the screen a bit too much or dealing with stress over the festive season, your back may be suffering.

Mine is. I have to sort it out or no painting for me. Here is how I am doing it. This guy is lovely!

I found this post here at Marks Daily Apple which is really worth bookmarking for all your health info.

I’m also using yin yoga which you can find out more about here.

Other remedies include Olbas Oil and Magnesium Oil.

Beat Urinary Tract Infections For Good!

Well, after another round of the same old same old I took a crash course in treating this b**** of a condition. Within a few days I found I could turn things around quite considerably. It wasn’t easy going as it demands discipline but the relief I found made the hard work so worth it.

Check out my PDF compiled with my best leads for beating UTI’s forever. And while you’re at it, do sign up for my blog as I am always posting value content related to health and wellbeing.

It’s a journey. Take the steps. Take the power back!




Are you up to date with your universal email?

Downloading to a brain near you.
Downloading to a brain near you.

We have to take the power back.

For our minds, hearts and bodies. To integrate every system of thought and every healing modality will be to take the first steps to illumination of the great potential of the human being. To integrate ourselves with the many paths available and tracked out for us, from energy medicine to yoga to herbalism we must be free to follow our hearts desires and our body’s promptings at any given moment.

Like a hunter tracking his prey, we must become adept at reading our own signals, signs and signposts. some are deeply hidden in the undergrowth from tracks long overgrown, once known.

To heal is a journey of discovery of the Self. The greater part of us that knows things beyond our day to day reckonings and dramas, and that lives in the dreamtime, the land of no-time, no-past, no-future.

Sounds weird doesn’t it, but you know what I’m talking about, if you let go of the part of you that thinks it doesn’t. It’s a state of suspended disbelief into a state of recognition, to cognition, to knowing.

Healing is not a myth

It is a dynamic bypass of quantum proportions. It is the circumvention of all that you hereto know. All you think you know, in this realm is a limitation on your ability to heal. To anneal the parts of you that are ailing, in any dimension, large or small, you must know that there is an ever evolving pathway of information leading you to the next phase, the next piece of the puzzle if you like.

It is like the data stream of a Wi-Fi network, feeding bits of information to the receiving hardware. In this case the hardware is the body.

Currently, many of us are still running on analogue information, old data and un-useful rubbish that we use as our constant comfort blanket. When we decide to go digital, or more accurately, quantum, then we can see real results.

Our bodies are actually far in advance of any machinery currently invented so when I say quantum, I mean at the speed of thought.

Now for many, these concepts are way too leftfield to be of use, but that is the risk of speaking out. To not speak out risks those who are ready for updates being left wanting. That’s hardly likely in our present culture as the rate of information ingestion is phenomenal, but I wonder how much of it is actually useful, once you have learned to switch on your quantum data stream?; after all you will be receiving current universal updates on a daily basis, if you meditate that is….

If you don’t meditate, it might sink in a bit slower but the info will always be there for you if you are attracting it. Think a million unread messages in your inbox.

Meditation is like the act of reading your universal email

So, next time you feel stuck. Sit there and do nothing but do the most important something in your toolkit.

Learn meditation. It will tell you everything you need to know; you’ve just got to get through those emails.

Thus ends my first treatise on the development of your very own, customised Rainbow Medicine Kit.

Just remember, one important thing; It’s free…don’t let them charge you for it!

Go be a rainbow.