if pain wont stop me then what will

The Ideal Doctor: The Diagnosis You Wish You Had

Dear Doc,

I’ve been having some concerns about my health recently. I ache all over, I get sad and I can’t stop thinking about work and how to do everything better.

I feel so different; I don’t feel like I fit in with the world. I have dreams and strange thoughts. Can you help me? I am afraid.




Dear Phoebe,

With regards to your concerns I am going to tell you categorically, not to worry. All your symptoms are part of your healing from the past and overcoming limitation.
Your body aches because you are using it like never before. You are so inspired that you are working longer hours because you are doing work that you enjoy for the first time in your life. So I would say that the sad feelings come as a result of tiredness and grieving for all the years of unhappiness.

This is cause for celebration indeed and I shouldn’t worry about the work thing…it means simply that you are on the road to mastery of your life and your life’s work is to put everything together in a way that totally suits you. No one else can do what you do, so of course you are aware that what you do is important because it is coming from the heart.

As for feeling different, good. That means you’ve expanded beyond your limitations and your ego is looking for things to cling to. You are so far ahead of where you’ve ever been before that you no longer feel solid ground beneath your feet.
By Jove I think you are flying.

Well done. See you in another six months.
You are in excellent health.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Ideal Inner Doctor