Can You Feel It? The Light Is Coming Back; A Solstice Message!

Can you? Can you feel the shifting energy?

Do you feel the motion in the air, the sense of change as the vibrations mesh, clash and realign?

You know that stuff is changing, is about to become apparent, is about to stun and amaze you, is about to manifest.

You’ve done the work right? You’ve bared your soul and cleansed your psyche of unwanted influences and bad thinking. Good. Then the rest is entirely out of your hands.

Bolster yourself. Get the things that make you happy (5HTP, new pants, cheese….) and set your rooms in order. (Hoover!!)

You are about to receive a visitation from the light. It returns with new energy and abundance, for you, for all.

The message is clear. Bide your time and keep your spirits up in whatever fashion you can reasonably manage.

The Solstice energies are gathering.


Now is the time to let go of the past. Make a gesture to your spirit/soul/guide, whatever you call it. Just tell it out loud that you want to be happy this year, that you are willing to do what it takes to give yourself that gift.

If you’ve not made friends with yourself yet, tell yourself to your face in the mirror ‘I love you’. Don’t hold back looking at yourself. Exactly as you are…ageing and less pretty than yesterday….’I love you’. 

amazing digital art of a woman's back head and shoulders surrounded by peach and cream OM signs by adam white photography dorchester dorset uk british photographer in the south west

Let go of the need to seek approval and talk kindly to yourself now in the wee small hours when you are besieged with anxiety.

You are loved, no matter what. But no-one, I repeat NO-ONE is spared from the Dark Night….no matter their beauty or wealth or popularity. If you can see this with your own knowing eyes, then you can truly see our equality.

This is the Solstice message given to me to pass on to you.

May the light find you and never let you fade.

Sat Nam

(Truth is my name)

a hopeful looking woman leans into an invisible wind that blows her very being away as she disintegrates in waves of rippling vibrations though she looks brightly into the future model is uk artist phoebe thomasson photo art by adam white photography copyright 2015 awp and pt

How Art is Going to Save the World

Higher functioning human beings that don’t destroy themselves are usually very creative. In fact, the more creative, the better you’re appreciation for life will inevitably be. The creative see, look, problem solve, innovate, risk take (but not with others’ lives hopefully) and are generally quite brave people. The processes all involve developing the relationship with life that engenders respect. Those who respect don’t harm. So who better suited for leaders, protectors and the guardians of life than those who are appreciating it in all its diverse splendour?

Let the most creative people solve the biggest problems on earth and in no time at all we will make world peace.

There is a book out at the moment and I’ve just downloaded it because I’m impatient like that. It’s called Infinite Progress: How the Internet and Technology will End Ignorance, Disease, Poverty, Hunger and War by Byron Reese. It was by serendipity that I came across his mention in a local magazine.

Here is his website if you want to know more.

Let me know what you think if you read his book. The title alone gives me hope. I’m off to start now but let me leave you with a brief thought.

If we can believe in ourselves enough as people, the net result will be a web of belief that spans around the world. If we can believe that we can and should sort this all out, then perhaps we will see that despite the strength of cosmic and earthly winds, we, masters of survival, innovation and evolution are very talented at making stuff happen with intention.

Like it or not, we’re in it for the long haul, so we may as well put a smile on our face and fly into the wind like it’s no big thing. We’re all naturals.