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Art Shaman; In The Woods

We can get lost in the woods
just like we get lost in ourselves
in our thoughts of future
in our regrets of past
in our longings
in our desires
and the dysfunctions of life.

But if we stop
just long enough
to listen to the silence
we may hear the guiding spirit
the still small voice
gathering us
into it’s arms
waiting patiently in the moment

3rd Oct 2016


Yesterday was hard. Lots felt wrong. My friend Adam, didn’t feel like taking photos. We were all tired and slightly grumpy after another late Saturday of jamming excellent music. It was a glorious day; not to be missed and by four o’clock, I had rallied myself to capture the moment anyway, trusting that the spirit of kind positivity would bring us through.

We found a small camp in the woods and I set to painting my face with memories of my gigging days floating through. We got the last remaining rays of sunshine and I posed and made shapes in the shards of setting sunlight in the glade by the path. It somehow worked out, and then there is the uncanny sense, at least after the ‘event’ that everything went according to plan; as if you had one! The spontaneous plans are always the best!

It always amazes me how healing creative experiences can be. Once you have processed the shame and embarrassment of scaring passers by with your blacked out face, the thrill of the moment becomes more playful. ‘F**k It’ is our profane mantra in these moments. I’m not being bad. Just playful, irreverent, goodly dangerous to the status quo of holding and fear. The fear in our culture is all the more easy to see and feel when you are driving along looking like a coal miner back from work…. surreal!

Never mind the bollocks. The little shoot went well. I always have to overcome my fear of looking stupid or weird and I think it paid off in the end. I love the results and it illustrates the nature spirit of the woods as part of my Art Shaman theme of the present moment.
It’s all temporary anyway.

How Making Art is a form of Magic!

Creating a piece of art is like pulling invisible threads out of the air and translating them into some strange language that finds itself flowing onto the canvas; it’s all about breathing life into the offerings of the imagination. We as artists learn to weave these threads so others can see what we see; sort of!

a seated woman bare backed flows electric blue white light through head chakra from divine light into the white floor of blank canvas room in which energy is poured like water. a creative word and picture by pt phoebe thomasson uk artist shamanic iconic images of art and photography blended by adam white photography dorset dorchester uk england western art painting photo blend on photoshop genius love and peace.

And just what are we pulling? The dead aspects of ourselves ready for rebirth? The pulsating tributaries from which our aliveness stems? The dreams, desires, hopes and fears searching for resolve perhaps. It’s hard to say what the ‘Mind stuff’ is from which creation arises, but we all know it when we see it.

Why Create?

The psychic pull to create is in effect no different from the urge to have sex. We don’t know how it’s going to go when we engage spontaneously with the magnetism of the moment, but we enjoy the interplay of polarities that excite us, cleanse us and somehow move us forward into our deep sense of rhythm, our primal need for movement within.

In terms of the energy centres identified by eastern traditions, the creative second Chakra is located in the same area as the reproductive organs. This has always intrigued me but it makes perfect sense. Unless our creative energies are engaged in producing life, then what else can they be used for? Exactly. That’s why art exists at all!

Art makes life into a celebration, of living, of growing, of dying and being reborn into unlimited possibility.

It is a map to tell others of the territory and landscape we inhabit, both internally and externally throughout our lives.

Art is the primary road-map. It is a cohesive document of what it means to exist.

Art is many things to many people; each of us will have our own relationship with certain forms of art, whether we realize this consciously or not and we learn to value art as we pay attention to it’s effects upon us. We can soon see that our wiring is built for it! We are a design in negative; evolution grows from the results of our actions, and what does that mean for art’s action upon us?

As artists we are in the dark with our creations until we can find a way to complete the loop, which is to share with others and we learn our sharing strategies on the way, or we study others findings and emulate the latest trends, the internet being one such explosive movement of the present time.

Whatever way we learn to make art, or make love, our glow of ‘belongingness’ should stay in our possession and be continually crafted until it becomes uniquely ours. True to ourselves, as we strive to be, is the only way to become that which we crave we were.

Let us be that now. Let us define that which would make our lives work now. Let us sketch on the canvas of our minds and make love with the ideal vision that resonates with our true happiness.

How do we know when we’ve found it, and not some phantom?

Well the colours become bright, definite, focused. And perhaps most importantly, there is no stress. There is only presence and the knowing of our own supremacy. We are at one with life amidst the rhythmic movement of art and sex and the sweet release of our pent-up life-force.

Make Art
Make Love

New Work: Floral Imaginings Series

 Welcome to my first show of digital artwork.

Floral Imaginings 1: Autumn Days
Autumn Days

 I’ve not had much time to create with paint recently, so I launched into an experimental couple of hours with Serif Photo PlusX6 instead.

It turns out it’s no different than painting in that you have to launch in, even if you don’t know what you’re doing and be unafraid to experiment.


Floral Imaginings 2: Winter Nights
Winter Nights

I have to say, I’m very pleased with the results and will be doing more of this type of thing.

I must admit, I’ve been reluctant to go there with the digital thing because I love painting in Real Time with real paint and canvas which maybe comes from being a bit of a purist, but as it is it is an exciting blend of Digital/analogue; the painting was done by me and so was the modelling!

Floral Imaginings 3: Spring Days
Spring Days


 It turns out that the opportunities to blend disciplines is what really floats my boat!

I’ve always loved to experiment anyway and I feel that having developed a sense of ‘fearlessness’ with my art has paid off.

The ideas continue to flow. I just need to carve out more time to realize them, but as ever, parenting comes first. If I can do digital work alongside my RT painting I think it will help me fill in the gaps.

This is very early work and I hope you like it enough to share and comment. I will be making some prints for sale too so watch this space for links to my shop.


Floral Imaginings 4: Summer Nights
Summer Nights

Thank you for your visit!


Original Photography: Adam White

Model/Artist/Creator: Phoebe Thomasson

Copyright ©Phoebe Thomasson 2014

All Rights Reserved