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If You’re Going to Fail….at Least Enjoy it!

So, I’ve done my Autoimmune Protocol now for little over a week and I’ve been pretty damn good at eliminating the extra foods from my already strict Primal diet. I say primal because I can’t say Paleo as that doesn’t include dairy (and I’ve been eating lots of that…albeit raw/unpasteurized).

So, the Autoimmune Protocol is the next step in healing my very dysfunctional gut, which is probably leaky due to years of Phytate overload in the form of grains and nuts. So as part of the AIP I’ve cut out pasteurized dairy (including cheese…yikes!) all nuts, all sugars and sugar substitutes (no Xylitol) and eggs too. Yeah I know it sounds drastic but I’ve done my research and have already seen a dramatic shift in the last week. I’m no longer in agony and using ice packs on my belly as a pain-killer. I’m sleeping better and my Shamanic dreams are back which I now know is a good sign, actually!!

So what gives? If it’s all going tickety-boo then what’s the blog about? Ha ha…well I don’t blog for no reason so it’s a fair point. Well I’m having a ‘fail’ moment. As I sit here with my pasteurized creamy coffee after a couple of oat cakes loaded with butter and cheese…all off the list. would be easy for me to now indulge in the feeling of failure.

Indulge? Yes. It’s not a word you may associate with a feeling but I’m also following a negative emotion elimination diet too. So as you can see….I thought I might just choose to enjoy the ‘fail’ as part of my process instead of beat myself up with shit like ‘well now you’ve undone all the good work!’ and ‘We may as well not bother!’ or ‘ I can’t do this!’…you know the type of B.S. we tell ourselves.

Now I can plainly see which is more destructive. A couple of oat cakes and some dead dairy will be gone in a few hours…wreaking their familiar havoc on my gut…but if I were to go down the black road of thought now I may not return for a whole week!
So sorry black road. You are blacklisted and everything is on the menu including enjoyment of rare ‘treat fails’….until I can be perfect then I will be happy with my imperfection. I’m enjoying my coffee…I might not need one for another month so hey! What the hell…my gut will tell me when to stop and I’ll be in such a good mood that I will be able to hear it.

Down the black road you can’t hear nuttin!…
I can hear a whole new way of being. That’s worth enjoying alone!!

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Bacon, Eggs and Yin Yoga….going native in a wierd world

Well hello again dear reader. There’s been a few changes around here. You know I’m not one for prolific posts (I have a life to lead away from the screen!) but I thought you should know what’s been going down around my particle of universe…check it out….

I am wearing my shades at night and not in the sun. I have switched from becoming almost vegan to eating meat every day and Yin yoga is stretching the parts of me that no other medication could ever reach. Oh and my biceps are bigger than they’ve ever been in my life.
What the hell is going on?

Well, in a nut shell I’ve gone native. I’m living as a hunter gatherer in the 21st Century, er, you know…hunting in Waitrose and going barefoot in the garden lots….well, it’s a start. I tell you what though; my energy has gone through the roof and for a while there I thought I was never going to shift the ME/CFS label thing out of my system but guess what folks, it seems the yolks have it and bacon has never tasted so virtuous.

If you want to know more than skip along to (when you’ve finished reading this post and pressed the follow button of course) and learn a bit about how our bodies are designed to eat animal protein and being a vegetarian might just be wearing you out, never mind the veganism….yawn…

It’s ok if you’ve never experienced meat power in your muscles, but being brought up on meat and then going veggie years later, I never did recover that sense of sheer joy at feeling the full range of oomph in my muscles that they were surely designed for. Now you have to buy ethically of course as it’s grass-fed meat and organic produce we’re after here because like every veggie we care about the animals but I’m sorry, if you eat cheese and milk you are inevitably part of the industrial food chain and the best you can do is to give yourself the proper nourishment so you can really go out there and make some changes.

I tell you, this is all a major turn around for me. not more than a few months back I was proudly announcing how close to a vegan ideal I was getting in my meals; farting and sporting a gassed up bloated bean belly, at least I felt ethically superior. It did nothing for my energy however, and day after day of lagging on the sofa waiting for that magic few hours of pick up was starting to take its toll. I started on the St Johns wort as I just couldn’t find my inner sunshine anymore.

Fast forward a few weeks and a month in to my new diet of meat, fish, fowl, eggs, nuts, salad leaves, vegetables and lots of cold water (with cacao and other treats interspersed) I am just about to launch my yoga business and start my first group classes. I’m already expanding my range of activities to hauling rocks, gardening with a spade, carrying my nearly three year-old into town on my back (with shopping sometimes)…well it doesn’t take a genius to figure what my body has been lacking.

The other day when eating freshly fried bacon in butter (yeah!) I was thinking how every food is trying to emulate this basically supremely satisfying blend of protein and fat and salt. Oh boy. But you do need to realize on thing. This is a food choice pathway that leaves bread by the wayside. The complex carb boat is sunk. No more rice, spelt, wheat, rye, anything containing gluten and also no beans. Mung bean no more. Chick pea forget. No. This diet is only for those with the mind of determination and the will to survive.
After two years stuck on the sofa, I can’t look back now. I’d rather have muscle power than bean farts any day, anyway.

As for the shades…well that’s a whole ‘nother story….ha!


a doodle with scribbles and outlines of my boys feet with cartoon character colourful collaboration by phoebe thomasson and ewan

Beneath my feet…The Changing Landscape of No Shoes!

I’m loving my new birthday shoes …and here’s a few reasons why you should love yours more too.

One of the most surprising discoveries I’ve made is that going barefoot more often is helping me to regulate my overall body temperature which tends to be up and down as I battle with hormones and fatigue. Because the feet are in contact with the coldest air at ground level, it not only makes me put more clothes on my body when it’s cold but there is a quicker and more efficient feedback system so they are sensing the cold before it reaches my body.

They make me feel grounded and in contact with the earth, even when I’m on a lino floor with concrete beneath it I can feel the hot pipes that run below the kitchen floor and the cold of the stone tiles in the bathroom, the warm wooden stairs and the different carpet pile around the house. I can step on a coconut mat and appreciate the spiky foot rub that I get, and the other day I walked down the road in the rain, barefoot, just to see if I could. Don’t laugh! It’s that rough tarmac with tiny stones that got stuck to my feet and I may as well have walked on hot coals!

Shows how tender my feet are, but they are improving. As for the British weather in November, I am becoming more hardy to it as a result of my intentional non shoe and sock wearing, wherever possible. Of course when I am freezing and I want to warm up fast I put my slipper socks on or even just thin ones do the job now, where before I was always wearing thick layers on my feet as I thought I should, and I was always swinging from cold to hot, a lot! So, in a nut shell, this barefoot thing is now so comfortable and comforting to me that I hardly think about it. Its great! The other day I went out in full winter coat, scarf, hat and gloves and sandals! It was strangely exhilarating. Ok my toes were numb for a bit but one walk through a shop doorway with all that heat spewing out and they were toasty and flowing with energy! Wow!
The other great thing is I’ve started running again. But that’s another post waiting to happen.
Gonna take my birthday shoes off to bed.
Tee Hee. See what I did there?