Storm The Embankments of Your Mind

And suddenly
I feel whole

Loved and not alone

In step and in tune
with the universe around me

Not like before
when nothing made sense

When all I could see
was suffering
and lies

Not like that

It’s warmer
to be human
once again

(I think that may be because
I now know how to wrap myself
in a blanket
of my own design.)

Feb 7th 2016
Dorchester, Dorset, UK

Is Success Hunting You?

When things do start to work out for us, how do we feel about that?

When the omens of looming success start to appear, what do we do?

Do we run into familiar ruts, like battle worn soldiers retreating into muddy trenches, shooting our own feet as we stumble into worn out habits and behaviours?

Or do we spill over the edges of the embankments we have made and storm the enemy with the confidence of the sun?

And just who is this enemy?

Well, all I can say is that when I run onto the battle ground, my opponent holding the gun, looks a lot like me.

Here’s to confronting our fears, and loving ourselves.

Here’s to EVOLUTION!

P T A R T . W O R K S

a seated woman bare backed flows electric blue white light through head chakra from divine light into the white floor of blank canvas room in which energy is poured like water. a creative word and picture by pt phoebe thomasson uk artist shamanic iconic images of art and photography blended by adam white photography dorset dorchester uk england western art painting photo blend on photoshop genius love and peace.

Love, Light & Chakras: I am not Normal Norma after all and I’m very fine with that…

Cor blimey…I am buzzing so much I may fall over with exhaustion in a minute.

I’ve just been for the most amazing energy healing and have had my Chakras cleaned. You could say I’ve been to the psychic cleaners, but you might take that the wrong way.

It’s taken me a long time to go near energy work, having had some weird experiences in the past with…um….energy. It’s funny how we can have fear and resistance to our own experience of life, especially if it doesn’t fit with the ‘norm’.

And what the fuck is that? The NORM?

I think the norm is short for Norma…..Norma Normal. She’s nice enough but she’s a bit ….dull.

I’ve never been happy with dullness. Crickey, we have enough dullness in the UK with almost year round cloud cover, non existent summers and grey concrete. We seriously don’t need any more dull here thanks very much.

So I’ve finally realised that I am a being of light and love and it’s my job to shine.


I am not Normal Norma after all and I’m very fine with that.